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We dare you
Lowering your intake, or completely stopping with alcohol, weed or gaming can be a difficult and challenging journey. We have learned it can really help to replace those old habits with brand-new habits!
That’s why we want to help you take your mind off things with some awesome and active challenges! Take a deep breath, be proud of what your achieving and join us on our social media channels.
Here, we will give you monthly challenges that will help you achieve all your goals in life.
Whether you want to detox your body, achieve peace of mind or train those muscles: WE GOT YOU! Don’t forget to use the corresponding sticker, tag us in your story and win awesome prizes!
Perform best under some peer-pressure? Invite your friends!
Ask them to join you and tag them in our challenges as well.

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With our challenge stickers
Maybe you did not want to tell your friends you’ve had some trouble with alcohol, weed or gaming. We get that!

But, surely, you want to let them know you’re doing great now! Right? That’s why we have developed a set of stickers for Instagram and Facebook stories!

Use these stickers and show your friends how your nailing our challenges! Use the stickers and challenge your friends to do the same! Use the stickers to remind yourself you’re doing great or when you’re having a cheat day. We’d love to see how you progress. Tag us and use our challenge-stickers when participating in a challenge. So go forth and make it stick!

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