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What about the government

Throughout Europe, many laws and legislations exist to regulate and control alcohol intake and medicine use. Sometimes it can feel like the laws you know from your government are standardized EU-wide and maybe even worldwide. But often, the opposite is true!

Throughout our European countries, many different measures are being taken to prevent inhabitants from addiction and/or health-risks. The following facts and figures will show you that, what you take for ‘normal’ can be quite unusual in other countries. It’s the Social Norms Approach, but on an international scope.



By now, we all know drinking alcohol is harmful to our bodies. It can do irreparable damage to our liver, intestines, kidneys and many other vitally functioning parts of our body.

That’s why governments around Europe aim to regulate and lessen our alcohol intake.


Did you know that

Europe is the region with the highest production and export of alcohol in the world.
Companies in the EU are obligated to display the amount of alcohol (ABV) when above 1.2%
In almost all European countries we drink more than recommended by the WHO.

(Un)Prescribed drugs

Of course, prescription drugs are thoroughly tested before becoming available on the market. After a medicine is permitted, it is continuously monitored and tested to ensure safety. This is all done through European Medicines Agency or the EMA.

The EMA is a decentralized (independent) agency of the European Union and is responsible for the scientific evaluation of proposed medicine. This process can take up to several years and often external experts are consulted in the assessment.


Did you know that

A study found the most commonly used non medical prescription drugs were opioids and sedatives.
Prescripted pain relief users have a 8 times higher risk of using nonmedical prescription pain relievers
Males are twice as likely to engage in illicit drug use compared to their female counterpart.

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