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Designed to measure your behaviour

and your opinion about other people’s behavior.

Your answers are submitted anonymously. For the best results, you submit answers that are true.



At the bottom you can see two blank lines.

- On of them is for the actual times respondents were drunk in the last month.

- The other is for the number the respondents estimated about their peers.

We’ve filled in one row with the actual number and one with what they estimated about others.
Place the right percentage in the right column
Estimated about others
Actual number
  • 43%
  • 36.3%

Let's see!

*This quiz is designed to assess your behavior and your opinion on the behavior of other people. Your answers will be sent anonymously.

What you guessed

Estimated about others
Actual number

Aah, too bad.. You guessed it wrong!

But we get it. That’s how the Social Norms Approach works.
Look at these numbers again. We can clearly see how many people NEVER take unprescribed drugs. We can also see how our estimation on this usage is subject to underestimation of Healthy behaviour (e.g. NOT Taking Unprescribed Drugs) and overestimation of Risky Behaviour (e.g. Taking Unprescribed Drugs).

What is really going on

Estimated about others
Actual number

You were right! Congratulations!

Wow! You are getting the hang of this Social Norms Approach!

As you see, we tend to overestimate how many people actually take unprescribed drugs and how often.

At the same time, many people never take unprescribed drugs at all within the last month. While only a third of our respondents estimated this about their peers.

The more you know, right?
Let's do it one more time!

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